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Labs embraces the pants-optional workspace

July 31, 2017

Labs embraces the pants-optional workspace

“We are in a time where technology enables us to hold meetings without having to physically be in an office, so why not use it!” explained Katja Matthias, Senior Project Manager at Octopus. Katja is an enthusiastic WAH (Work At Home) proponent. “I absolutely love working from home, as it gives me the time that I need to focus on the tasks ahead and it allows me to think straight.”

Labs strives to create an atmosphere where people can do their best work. For some, that means a flexible schedule and the ability to work from anywhere. This flexibility allows Labs’ Developer Esau Rodriquez to head back to his home country of Spain with his family for the summer holidays. “I’m spending a whole month near the kids’ grandparents,” said Esau, “but I’m working half of that period, so it’s great for the kids and nice for me as well.”

Jocelyn Tasker, Labs’ Risk and Compliance Director, also uses this flexibility to adapt to being a new mother. “I’ve returned [to work] for two days a week,” said Jocelyn Tasker. “My husband and I share childcare. I work from home in the morning, so I can feed the baby.” The remote work situation even allows Jocelyn to facilitate meetings in her home. “It's wonderful what you can achieve over a strawberry tart in the garden.”

Paulius Didziulis, Software Engineer at Labs, found that some time spent working remotely was just what he needed to regain focus. “Although Octopus has an amazing office, doing the same commute every day and spending hours at my desk was becoming slightly monotonous — as it does for many people. I can do my work from anywhere in the world. So that’s what I did.”

Paulius left London for six weeks to work remotely, traveling through Australia, New Zealand, the Hawaiian islands and the West Coast of the US. “I loved the fact I could do a few hours of work, jump behind the wheel, then completely change the scenery, and do some work again,” said Paulius. “Work never really got boring, because the surroundings never got boring.”

Working from home is not ideal for everyone. What’s important to Labs is being responsive to the needs of its employees. “I love being around my colleagues to bond and build up working relationships,” stated Katja, after listing the benefits of working from home. “Striking the office-WFH life balance frees up my headspace to focus on items I would not normally get the chance to think about while sitting in a busy and sometimes noisy office environment, giving me a greater sense of achievement.”